El Salvador Opens Second Bitcoin Embassy in Texas

• El Salvador is opening its second Bitcoin Embassy in Texas, with a meeting between the ambassador and representatives of the Texas State Government.
• The Texas Bitcoin Foundation hosted the Salvadoran delegation in Austin and discussed the expansion of commercial and economic exchange projects.
• El Salvador has made moves to make Bitcoin legal tender, issue bitcoin-backed sovereign debt bonds, host a successful conference and power many projects entirely with Bitcoin.

El Salvador Opens Second Bitcoin Embassy

El Salvador is continuing its embrace of Bitcoin by opening its second ever Bitcoin Embassy – this time in Texas. This move was made possible by a meeting between El Salvador’s Ambassador to the United States, Milena Mayorga, other representatives from El Salvador, and Deputy Secretary Joe Esparza from the Government of Texas.

Discussion About Expansion Projects

At this meeting they discussed the potential expansion of commercial and economic exchange projects between El Salvador and Texas. In 2022 alone there was already $1,244,636,983 worth of commercial exchange between these two places.

The Texas Bitcoin Foundation

The entire event was coordinated by the Texas Bitcoin Foundation – a public charity dedicated to research and education about cryptocurrency – who also hosted the delegation from El Salvador in Austin. The government of Texas has been quite publicly pro-Bitcoin as of late which makes sense given their involvement in hosting this embassy.

History Making Moves By El Salvador

El Salvadore had already made history when it became the first sovereign country to make bitcoin legal tender as well as issuing bitcoin-backed sovereign debt bonds and hosting a successful conference completely powered by crypto currency. All these efforts are paving way for more large scale adoption of blockchain technology worldwide.


            This new embassy marks an important milestone in both countries’ progress towards widespread acceptance of cryptocurrency technology – which could have major implications for global financial systems going forward!